Comparative Versus Noncomparative Sales Pitches: Impact On New Product Buying Behaviors And Moderating Role Of BuyerSeller Relationship

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Christian Dianoux
Jean-Luc Herrmann
Ridha Chakroun
Sandrine Heitz-Spahn


Comparative Sales Pitches, New Product Launching, Buyer-Seller Relationship, Actual Buying Behaviors


The purpose of this research is to explore the effectiveness of Comparative Sales Pitches (CSPs) vs. NonComparative Sales Pitches [NCSPs] in terms of actual buying behavior of a new product. Using a wholesalers telephone sales campaign, we performed a quasi-experimental study focusing on the actual ordering behavior for a new product of more than 4,200 pharmacists in response to a CSP (vs. an NCSP). The research shows that a CSP is more likely to generate a new product sales order than an equivalent NCSP. This positive effect manifests only when a relationship exists between the buyer and the seller. In addition, the results support the relational advantage of a regular buyerseller relationship regardless of the type of sales pitch used. The findings should encourage managers and salespeople to consider CSPs as an effective selling tool for launching a new product, especially when a relationship with the buyer exists. This research provides a starting point for further research into CSP effects -an area in which limited research exists to date- to gain a better understanding of their boundary selling effectiveness.


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