Person-Organisational Fit: A Revised Structural Configuration

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Anton Grobler


Person-Organisational Fit, Need-Supply Fit, Value Congruence, Complementary Fit, Supplementary Fit


An empirical study was conducted into the structural configuration of person-organisational fit (P-O fit), measured by the P-O fit questionnaire. The data from three independent studies (a total of 4 388 respondents) was analysed and consistent results across the three studies were reported. The exploratory factor analysis yielded a two factor model with acceptable psychometric properties. The factors names were based on previous literature, namely Supplementary fit (person-organisational fit, indirect fit and value congruence) and Complementary fit (combination of demands-ability and needs-supply fit) perceptions. The two factor model was further tested for construct validity (discriminant and convergent validity) and was found to be valid. The findings could be used as a foundation for future studies as they provide an empirically refined conceptualisation and measurement of fit perceptions which is theoretically supported. An accurate measure of P-O fit could be used to make better predictions of individual’s work attitudes and behaviour.


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