Published: 2018-03-01


Effect Of The IFRS Adoption On The Cost Of Capital: Evidence From Korea

Leem Wook-Bin, Jee Hoon Yuk
Abstract 96 | JABR-8725 Downloads 96 | DOI

Page 209-216

A Research On Practical Significance Of Productivity Theory In Consumption Society

Jifu Wang, Yuzhu Diao, Xisheng Li, Liza Lybolt
Abstract 57 | JABR-8721 Downloads 65 | DOI

Page 237-252

Stock Option Grants And Cost Behavior

Dae-Hyun Kwon
Abstract 73 | JABR-8687 Downloads 86 | DOI

Page 265-276

Institutional Monitoring Of Sticky CEO Compensation

Daecheon Yang, Kyoungwon Mo
Abstract 98 | JABR-8656 Downloads 69 | DOI

Page 309-324

Labor Productivity In Emerging Markets: Evidence From Brazil, China, India, And Russia (BRIC)

Young-Hee Kang, Kyunga Na, Yang Sok Kim
Abstract 173 | JABR-8716 Downloads 110 | DOI

Page 325-338

How Leaders Generate Meanings For Monetary Rewards

Yufan Shang, Jun Xu, Fuli Li, Xinyu Zhao, Haiyun Li
Abstract 84 | JABR-8697 Downloads 77 | DOI

Page 405-418