Published: 2005-07-01


Gender And Executive Pay In The S&P Mid-Cap And Small-Cap Companies

Celia J. Renner, William F. Bowlin, Janet M. Rives
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 113 | DOI

Service Encounters: The Missing Link Between Service Quality Perceptions And Satisfaction

Srinivas Durvasula, Steven Lysonski, Subhash C. Mehta
Abstract 212 | PDF Downloads 5486 | DOI

The Valuation Of Special Items

Michael J. Eames, James Sepe
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 148 | DOI

Empirical Testing Of Different Alternative Proxy Measures For Firm Size

Osamah M. Al-Khazali, Taisier A. Zoubi
Abstract 467 | PDF Downloads 2662 | DOI

Hispanic-American Poverty

Robert G. Mogull
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 239 | DOI