Published: 1999-01-01


Implied Standard Deviations And Put-Call Parity Relations Around Primary Security Offerings

John B. Broughton, Don M. Chance, David M. Smith
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 81 | DOI

Page 1-12

Neural Networks Versus Logit Regression Model For Predicting Financial Distress Response Variables

Jozef M. Zurada, Benjamin P. Foster, Terry J. Ward, Robert M. Barker
Abstract 433 | PDF Downloads 251 | DOI

Page 21-30

An Empirical Test Of The View Of Inventory As A Liability In Explaining Financial Distress: A Reply

Benjamin P. Foster, M. Cathy Sullivan, Terry J. Ward
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 85 | DOI

Page 35-36

Industrial Buying And The Divergence Of Capital Budgeting Theory And Practice: An Exploration

Patricia Hatfield, Donna Hill, Philip Horvath
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 105 | DOI

Page 37-46

Stock And Bond Market Linkage In The Empirical Study Of Interest Rate Sensitivity Of Bank Returns

Suresh C. Srivastava, Shahid Hamid, Askar H. Choudhury
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 88 | DOI

Page 47-58

The Work Values Of Accounting Students

Gary G. Kleinman, Gail E. Farrelly
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 109 | DOI

Page 59-68

SEC Accounting And Auditing Enforcement Actions In The Banking Industry

Brian Green, Thomas G. Calderon
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 98 | DOI

Page 69-78

The Role of Saving In Pakistans Economic Growth

Dipendra Sinha
Abstract 221 | PDF Downloads 155 | DOI

Page 79-86