Published: 1998-04-01


Informativeness And Predictability Of Cash Flows

Zhemin Wang, John Eichenseher
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 76 | DOI

Page 21-32

Towards Relevancy In Financial Reporting: Mark-To-Market Accounting

Eunsup "Daniel" Shim, Joseph M. Larkin
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 78 | DOI

Page 33-42

An Empirical Test Of The View Of Inventory As A Liability IN Explaining Financial Distress

Benjamin P. Foster, M. Cathy Sullivan, Terry J. Ward
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 78 | DOI

Page 83-94

Marketing-Driven Factors Influencing Savers In The Hellenic Bank Market

John Mylonakis, Peter G. Malliaris, George J. Siomkos
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 147 | DOI

Page 109-116