Published: 1995-07-01


Accounting For OPEBs: Does Better Accounting Serve The Public Interest?

Timothy A. Pearson, Scott I. Jerris, Richard Brooks
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 215 | DOI

Page 1-6

External Liberalization Of Banking And Industrial Concentration: The Evidence From Spain

Theologos Homer Bonitsis, Luis Eduardo Rivera-Solis
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 194 | DOI

Page 7-15

A Human Capital Perspective On Criminal Careers

J. R. Clark, William L. Davis
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 338 | DOI

Page 58-64

Opinions Of Financial Analysts On Accounting For defined Benefit Pension Plans

Kenneth E. Stone, David W. Joy, cynthia J. Thomas
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 110 | DOI

Page 65-73

Explaining Auditors Going Concern Decisions: Assessing Managements Capability

Barbara Goodman, Daniel N. Braunstein, Alan Reinstein, George W. Gregory
Abstract 279 | PDF Downloads 363 | DOI

Page 82-93

Information Priorities In Turnaround Situations

Joseph L. Bonnici, William B. Fredenberger
Abstract 213 | PDF Downloads 209 | DOI

Page 94-100

The Nature And Consequences Of Part-Time Work: A Test Of Hypotheses

Bruce J. Eberhardt, Steven B. Moser
Abstract 375 | PDF Downloads 372 | DOI

Page 101-108