Published: 2012-04-30


The Timing Of Equity Mean Reversion In Relation To The Global Economic Cycle

Heng-Hsing Hsieh, Kathleen Hodnett
Abstract 309 | PDF Downloads 242 | DOI

Page 291-302

Asymmetric Effects Of Inflation On Stock Market Prices: New Empirical Evidence Using Greek Data

Katrakilidis Constantinos, Lake Andreas Ektor, Trachanas Emmanouil
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 248 | DOI

Page 325-332

How Do Minimum Payment Changes Affect Credit Card Arbitrage?

Terrance Jalbert, Jonathan D. Stewart, Terry Pope
Abstract 308 | PDF Downloads 214 | DOI

Page 385-402

The Entrepreneurs Random Walk

Robert Fiore
Abstract 424 | PDF Downloads 403 | DOI

Page 403-410

Commodity Derivative Transaction Comparability: Evidence From South Africa

Sanlie L Middelberg, Pieter W Buys
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 246 | DOI

Page 441-448

Unsystematic Risk In South African Privately-Owned Company Valuations

Henro Erasmus, Surika van Rooyen, Merwe Oberholzer
Abstract 358 | PDF Downloads 301 | DOI

Page 449-462

The Impact Of Corporate Governance And The Sarbanes-Oxley Act On CEO Compensation

Mahmoud M. Nourayi, Lawrence Kalbers, Frank P. Daroca
Abstract 417 | PDF Downloads 357 | DOI

Page 463-480

The Most Appropriate Sustainable Growth Rate Model For Managers And Researchers

M. M. Fonseka, Constantino García Ramos, Gao-liang Tian
Abstract 3309 | PDF Downloads 3274 | DOI

Page 481-500

The Relationship Between Costs And Availability Of Credit: An Empirical Study For Some Tunisian Firms

Helmi Hamdi, Abdelaziz Hakimi, Mouldi Djelassi
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 109 | DOI

Page 515-526