Published: 2013-08-28


The Evolution Of Strategies: Multinational Subsidiaries Operating In China

Ronald J. Salazar, Jifu Wang
Abstract 181 | PDF Downloads 713 | DOI

Page 1261-1280

The Automotive Production And Development Programme: An Analysis Of The Opinions Of South African Stakeholders

Evadne Bronkhorst, Jasper Steyn, Madeleine Stiglingh
Abstract 244 | PDF Downloads 218 | DOI

Page 1281-1300

Integration In Middle East Stock Markets: Determinants, Effects And Evolutions

Khaled Guesmi, Mohamed Hedi Arouri, Jean-Yves Moisseron, Frederic Teulon
Abstract 348 | PDF Downloads 190 | DOI

Page 1301-1316

Web Traffic And Firm Performance: Evidence From The MENA Region

Omar Farooq, Samir Aguenaou
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 184 | DOI

Page 1317-1324

Positive Feedback Trading: Google Trends and Feeder Cattle Futures

Richard P. Gregory, Carolyn F. Rochelle, Steve G. Rochelle
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 216 | DOI

Page 1325-1332

The Impact Of Audit Committee Multiple-Directorships On Earnings Management: Evidence From France

Samir Baccouche, Manel Hadriche, Abdelwehed Omri
Abstract 474 | PDF Downloads 1213 | DOI

Page 1333-1342

Social Responsibility And Globalization

Val Candy
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 3180 | DOI

Page 1353-1366

Building A Long Term Relationship Between Manufacturers And Large Retailers: Does Commitment Matter In Morocco?

Hicham Abbad, Gilles Pache, Dominique Bonet Fernandez
Abstract 269 | PDF Downloads 248 | DOI

Page 1367-1380

Disaggregated Commitment Of Traders Data And Prospective Price Effects

Einar M. Often, Craig H. Wisen
Abstract 294 | PDF Downloads 593 | DOI

Page 1381-1400

Herding Behavior Around US Macroeconomic Announcements

Aymen Belgacem, Amine Lahiani
Abstract 327 | PDF Downloads 527 | DOI

Page 1401-1410

What Drives Efficiency Of Islamic Banks Among Regions?

Sandrine Kablan, Ouidad Yousfi
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 100 | DOI

Page 1411-1420

Corporate Performance Of Privatized Firms In Vietnam

Thi Quy Vo, Fredric William Swierczek, Duc Khuong Nguyen
Abstract 529 | PDF Downloads 415 | DOI

Page 1437-1450

A Comparison Of Private And Public Sector Performance

Barbara Caemmerer, Alistair Dewar
Abstract 288 | PDF Downloads 5355 | DOI

Page 1451-1458

The Effects Of Financial Drivers On Corporate Diversification: A Comparison Of Listed And Unlisted Italian Firms

Raffaele Stagliano, Maurizio La Rocca, Alfio Cariola
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 179 | DOI

Page 1459-1468

Transmission Of The Subprime Crisis: Evidence From Industrial And Financial Sectors Of BRIC Countries

Jussi Nikkinen, Kashif Saleem, Minna Martikainen
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 109 | DOI

Page 1469-1478

New Perspectives On The Use Of LIFO And Firm Size

John Kostolansky, Ethan Polnaszek
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 346 | DOI

Page 1501-1508

Mapping An Internal-External (I-E) Matrix Using Traditional And Extended Matrix Concepts

Christopher M. Cassidy, Michael D. Glissmeyer, Charles J. Capps III
Abstract 1493 | PDF Downloads 1686 | DOI

Page 1523-1528

Customer Loyalty Development: The Role Of Switching Costs

Valentina Stan, Barbara Caemmerer, Roxane Cattan-Jallet
Abstract 1029 | PDF Downloads 2274 | DOI

Page 1541-1554

Copulas In Finance Ten Years Later

Cecile Kharoubi-Rakotomalala, Frantz Maurer
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 645 | DOI

Page 1555-1566

Organizational Leadership And Subordinate Effect In Utahs Certified Public Accounting Profession

Jeffrey N. Barnes, David S. Christensen, Tyler Stillman
Abstract 406 | PDF Downloads 951 | DOI

Page 1567-1582