Published: 2013-10-29


Private And Public Sector Innovation And The Importance Of Cross-Sector Collaboration

Stanka Setnikar Cankar, Veronika Petkovsek
Abstract 2711 | PDF Downloads 7298 | DOI

Page 1597-1606

Australias Integration Into The ASEAN-5 Region

Khaled Guesmi, Frederic Teulon, Amine Lahiani
Abstract 311 | PDF Downloads 72 | DOI

Page 1607-1614

The Prediction Of Flexibility And Its Relationship With Work Variables

Rene van Wyk, Mandla Adonis
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 194 | DOI

Page 1631-1640

The Strategic Setting Of Real Estate Mutual Fund Expense Ratios

Kevin Chiang, Zhenhua Rui, Craig Wisen, Xiyu Thomas Zhou
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 112 | DOI

Page 1641-1656

Policy Constraints And Strategic Choices: MNE Subsidiaries Market Penetration In China

Jifu Wang, Ronald J. Salazar, Joseph Ben-Ur
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 228 | DOI

Page 1705-1716

Environmental Reporting Practices In Malaysia And Australia

Haslinda Yusoff, Radiah Othman, Normahiran Yatim
Abstract 401 | PDF Downloads 699 | DOI

Page 1717-1726

Day Of The Week And Its Effect On Stock Market Volatility: Evidence From An Emerging Market

Omar Farooq, Mohammed Bouaddi, Neveen Ahmed
Abstract 252 | PDF Downloads 623 | DOI

Page 1727-1736

Financial Reporting Quality And Acquisition Profitability: Evidence From Korea

Youngtae Yoo, Joohyun Lim, Jinho Chang
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 621 | DOI

Page 1737-1750

Whos On Board? Influence Of Diversity And Network Of Thai Boards Of Directors On Firm Value

Thitima Sitthipongpanich, Piruna Polsiri
Abstract 288 | PDF Downloads 306 | DOI

Page 1763-1780

Understanding Return And Volatility Spillovers Among Major Agricultural Commodities

Amine Lahiani, Duc Khuong Nguyen, Thierry Vo
Abstract 488 | PDF Downloads 495 | DOI

Page 1781-1790

The Relationship Between Individual Stock Trading And Returns: The Case Of An Emerging Market

Abdollah Khani, Ali Saeedi, Asieh Khadem Khorasani
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 189 | DOI

Page 1799-1808

Financial Centers And Portfolio Performance: Evidence From An Emerging Market

Omar Farooq, Mohammed Bouaddi, Neveen Ahmed
Abstract 208 | PDF Downloads 93 | DOI

Page 1815-1824

Forecasting Inflation In China

Lillian Kamal
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 510 | DOI

Page 1825-1832

The Determinants Of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence From China

Jianling Wang, Lin Song, Shujie Yao
Abstract 2195 | PDF Downloads 1989 | DOI

Page 1833-1848

Uncovering Knowledge Management Practices In Organizations

Visvanathan Naicker
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 306 | DOI

Page 1849-1860