Published: 2014-12-31


Motivations Of Public To Private Transactions: An International Empirical Investigation

Aurelie Sannajust, Mohamed Arouri, Frederic Teulon
Abstract 265 | PDF Downloads 140 | DOI

Page 1-16

The Development And Management Of Organizational Partner Satisfaction

Valentina Stan, Barbara Caemmerer
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 89 | DOI

Page 47-60

Corporate Governance, Voluntary Disclosure, And Firm Information Environment

Sabri Boubaker, Amal Hamrouni, Qi-Bin Liang
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 188 | DOI

Page 89-102

The Challenges Of Implementing High Performance Work Practices In The Nonprofit Sector

Alice Robineau, Marc Ohana, Sophie Swaton
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 174 | DOI

Page 103-114

Management Guidelines For Universal Quality Challenges Across The Focus Group Research Process

Busani Dube, Mornay Roberts-Lombard, Estelle van Tonder
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 594 | DOI

Page 239-254

Impact Of E-Atmospheric Elements On The Perceived Value Of The Online Visit

Ahmed Anis Charfi, Eric Lombardot
Abstract 166 | PDF Downloads 80 | DOI

Page 265-274

CEO Pay For Long-Run Performance: A Dynamic View

Ji-Young Ahn
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 194 | DOI

Page 317-330

Ive Wanted A BMW Since I Was A Kid: An Exploratory Analysis Of The Aspirational Brand

Philip J. Trocchia, Ruby Q. Saine, Michael G. Luckett
Abstract 282 | PDF Downloads 377 | DOI

Page 331-344