The Expert Witness: Another Opportunity For College Professors

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Les Nunn
Stephen Shanklin
Brian McGuire



Trial lawyers are frequently in need of professionals to testify as experts in matters that are in litigation.  Juries, as well as judges themselves, are normally not knowledgeable in many technical aspects of civil cases and must, therefore, be educated during the trial process.  Many times, attorneys look to their local university for expertise.  If you have not already received a call, someday you might be contacted by a lawyer to testify as an expert.  Not only can your giving expert testimony look impressive on your vitae, it can also bring large amounts of supplemental income to a professor.  Well known experts can receive thousands of dollars a day for giving their opinions on matters involved in litigation.  While you might think you are or are not an expert, a brief look at court decisions can help us define the term “expert.”


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