Published: 2010-02-01


The Real Options Solution To A Cost-Of-Capital Dilemma

David Eagle, David L. Senteney, Dean Kiefer, Arsen Djatej
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 121 | DOI

Goodwill Impairment: A New Window For Earnings Management?

Yousef Jahmani, William A. Dowling, Paul D. Torres
Abstract 1171 | PDF Downloads 2349 | DOI

User Information Risk: How It Improves Audit Quality

Jack R. Ethridge, Treba Marsh
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 205 | DOI

MILP Model For Network Revenue Management In Airlines

Yoon Sook Song, Seong Tae Hong, Myung Sun Hwang, Moon Gil Yoon
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 136 | DOI

Revenue Management In Manufacturing: A Research Landscape

S. Hossein Cheraghi, Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Prakash Venkitachalam
Abstract 272 | PDF Downloads 497 | DOI

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002 And Non-Profit Organizations

RamMohan R. Yallapragada, C. William Roe, Alfred G. Toma
Abstract 433 | PDF Downloads 383 | DOI

The Importance Of A Good Business Plan

Les Nunn, Brian McGuire
Abstract 8464 | PDF Downloads 3782 | DOI

Precious Metals And Retirement Portfolio Survival Rates

Carl M. Hubbard, Daniel T. Walz
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 289 | DOI