Enterprise Resource Planning And Its Future Relationship To Decision Support System

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Mohammad Shariat
Hudson Nwakanma



This paper looks at the development of ERP and DSS, with a focus on the differences between the two systems in terms of their evolution and applications and the potential for convergence in the future. For the most part, ERP and DSS have evolved in parallel, and as a result those organizations, which have already implemented ERP, are now having problems integrating DSS and data warehousing into their system. ERP vendors hold the opinion that it is comparatively simple to add on DDS applications, but this tends to be contradicted by the fact that most ERP specialists are not experienced in DSS or in data warehousing. Software analysts from both sides of the industry agree that convergence is inevitable, but differ in their views as to how this should be achieved. It would seem that a greater degree of collaboration, and the transfer of skills between the two sides, is the most practical option, coupled with a case-by-case approach to the requirements of individual customers rather than trying to find blanket solutions.


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