Published: 2011-01-27


Inter-Observer Risk-Tolerance Agreement Between Husbands And Wives

Joseph W. Goetz, John Gilliam, John E. Grable
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 63 | DOI

Determinants Of Mortgage Delinquency

William Brent, Lynne Kelly, Debby Lindsey-Taliefero, Russell Price
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 59 | DOI

The Instability Of Tax Revenue And The Missing Risk Premium

Syed M. Ahsan, Panagiotis Tsigaris
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 56 | DOI

Average Conditional Volatility: A Measure Of Systemic Risk For Commercial Banks

Harikumar Sankaran, Manish Saxena, Christopher A. Erickson
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 57 | DOI

Determination Of The Performance Measure Of Executive Compensation

Shirley Chuo, Jean Emmanuel Fonkoua, Dennis Pollard
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 88 | DOI