Published: 2006-11-01


Building Customer Value And Profitability With Business Ethics

Robert C. McMurrian, Erika Matulich
Abstract 561 | PDF Downloads 13944 | DOI

A Meta-Analysis Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior And Leader-Member Exchange

Jeannie Scott, Annette E. Craven, Connie Green
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 280 | DOI

Factors Affecting A Municipalitys Bond Rating: An Empirical Study

George Palumbo, Richard Shick, Mark Zaporowski
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 724 | DOI

Profitability And Capital Structure Of Amex And Nyse Firms

Richard H. Fosberg, Arvin Ghosh
Abstract 442 | PDF Downloads 472 | DOI

Forecasting Performance Of Natural Gas Futures Market: An Assessment Of Recent Data

Salah Abosedra, Khaled Elkhal, Faisal Al-Khateeb
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 105 | DOI

Absorption Policies For South-South Migration

George Andreopoulos, Giuliana Campanelli Andreopoulos, Alexandros Panayides
Abstract 175 | PDF Downloads 114 | DOI

Modern Banking And Strategic Portfolio Management

Reza G. Hamzaee, Bob Hughs
Abstract 339 | PDF Downloads 1518 | DOI