Project Manager Motivation: Job Motivators And Maintenance Factors

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Tom Henkel
Jim Marion
Debra Bourdeau



The present study explored the applicable motivation factors that contribute to job satisfaction in terms of job motivators and maintenance factors when working on projects. The researchers asked students enrolled in a university advanced project management leadership course to respond to a job motivators and maintenance factors factor self- assessment. This tool is useful in determining the factors that contribute to motivation when working on projects (Lusser & Achua, 2016). The researchers then conducted a chi-square test to determine whether the observed values were significantly different from an expected value of 18, which is the midpoint. The chi-square goodness of fit test led to the rejection of H10 and the acceptance of H1a. with a p<.001. Additionally, the chi-square goodness of fit test led to the acceptance of H20 and the rejection of H2a. with a p=.994. The self-assessment revealed that the students tended to exhibit higher motivator scores and lower maintenance scores. The findings of this study have significant implications for leadership behavior when leading project teams. These findings can also contribute to a better understanding of the motivation factors that characterize team members for the completion of successful projects.


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