Strategic Aspects Of The Importance Of Employee Management

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Dean R. Manna


employee management,


According to the Herman Trend Alert, at least 30% of the nation’s workforce is unsatisfied with their current employment (Duecy, 2004; Grossman, 1999).  Employee management is based on ideas and procedures developed to increase worker motivation, productivity and performance. Successful employee management can contribute to not only increased product output but also product quality.  Companies rely on skilled managers to hire competent workers who will work productively and make profits for the company.  People have always been central to organizations, but today their strategic importance is growing in the knowledge-based business world like never before.  An organization’s success is becoming increasingly dependant on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its employees.  Without these assets companies would surely fail.  How a business is managed and how they take care of their employees and customers, helps set the core competencies, which set an organization aside from its competitors.  It is important to align the company’s strengths and internal capabilities to that of the external market.


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