Digital Teaching: In Search Of An Effective Paperless Platform For Classroom Activities

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Flory Anette Dieck-Assad


Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook; Paperless; Education; Sustainable Development; Digital Teaching


Sydney J. Harris advises us, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. Never like today, are we in the need to help teachers and professors to guide their students to open windows and get involved with the geopolitical and economic needs of the world. This paper tests the hypothesis that Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook (MONCN), used in undergraduate Finance courses as a tool for digital teaching, can both promote sustainable development and make the students become leaders, using this innovative tool of learning as part of their own activities and lives in the future. The test of the hypothesis also demonstrates that students manage to make the classroom time more effective and efficient for learning when using MONCN as a paperless technological platform. Thus, without impacting the effectiveness and quality of education, MONCN surges as a tool for inspiring the students to become committed citizens that can change the world and collaborate in the fight of climate change.


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