What Mathemagenic Activity Means: A Cognitive Pathway In Learning Chemistry

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T. Orimogunje


Mathemagenic Activity, Mathemagenic Activities and Cognitive Conception of Learning, Cognitive Pathway to Learning


The purpose of this paper is to examine some mathemagenic activities that would transform the internal representations of learners cognitive structure. The paper pointed out that understanding scientific concept involves the learners role in translating instructive information into internal representation through the use of some mathemagenic activities. It also described how a student is being motivated toward some external stimuli in order to reorganize his/her thought in light of the teachers feedback or action. This paper suggests that students would learn meaningfully, develop self-confidence, freely participate in classroom activities, and express himself/herself when allowed to use mathemagenic activities to clarify chemistry concepts that appear to be difficult to students. It is hoped that this study would enable educational planners and policymakers at local, state and national levels to redefine ways of improving the learning of scientific concepts through the use of mathemagenic activities in line with the policy of education. The implications of this study to the student and teacher are discussed.


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