A Study On Prospective Science Teachers Knowledge And Achievement Levels In Mathematical Logic In Electricity-Related Subjects

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Ismail Yilmaz



The purpose of this case study is to reveal prospective science teachers knowledge and achievement levels in electricity-related subjects. The data for the study were collected from 44 prospective teachers using three measurement tools. The data were then analyzed using software developed for the Probability and Possibility Calculation Statistics for Data Variables method, developed by Y?lmaz (2011). It was concluded that prospective science teachers achievement levels in mathematical logic in electricity-related subjects are influenced by their achievement levels in physics and basic mathematical procedures, as well as their knowledge levels. However, it was observed that the main influence on their achievement level in mathematical logic is the logical structure of knowledge, and not the knowledge level in the variables given-asked and operations. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended that both the methods of teaching knowledge and teaching the logical structure of knowledge be incorporated into the educational-instructional process. The study emphasizes that it would be optimistic to expect that individuals who learn without an awareness of the logical structure of knowledge will reach their potential.


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