Benefiting From Authentic Education To A Sustainable Social Development

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Chandana Watagodakumbura


Authentic Education, Education Outcomes, Embracing Diversity, Higher Order Learning, Personal Development, Valuing Human Resources, Social Development


Authentic education provides a unique learning experience to individual learners, specifically by addressing their psychological and neurological needs. The assessment of learners is done through generic attributes that have more validity and relates to intrinsic learner characteristics that could last throughout the life span of the learner. Authentic education looks at the general term education more broadly and deeply, and from multiple perspectives. As the individual learners are identified uniquely through authentic education, it embraces diversity within the human species more broadly and meaningfully. Learners are encouraged to pursue higher-order learning sending them through a complete learning cycle; this engages learners deeply to the task and provides a lasting experience, enabling individuals to reach their full potential. Authentic education aims at providing personal development for individuals broadly, not merely a career development, while still paving a better way to map individual preferences to more suitable career paths. Through authentic education, we get to value human resources much more than related economic aspects, making a significant difference to our current approaches and focus; it has the promise to effect a significant positive social change towards a sustainable development. The purpose of this study is to discuss conceptualising authentic education, multiple perspectives, better educational outcomes, learners embracing diversity, higher order learning, individual characteristics to related career paths, holistic personal development, social change valuing human resources, and consistent and predictable social development.


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