AIS Research Database 1986 - 2004

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Paul D. Hutchison


AIS, accounting information systems


The purpose of this research note is to advise accounting researchers about the availability of a downloadable database that contains accounting information systems (AIS) articles from 1986 to 2004. The author created this Microsoft Access database in order to disseminate knowledge about these AIS articles to fellow researchers. The database is fully searchable and contains 536 AIS articles and 243 other items from 1986 (or initial year of publication) through most recent publication in 2004 for the following three journals: International Journal of Accounting Information Systems (IJAIS) (formerly Advances in Accounting Information Systems)(AiAIS) (1992 May 2004), Journal of Information Systems (JIS) (Fall 1986 Spring 2004), and Review of Business Information Systems (RBIS) (formerly Review of Accounting Information Systems)(RAIS) (Winter 1997 Summer 2004).


Download data is not yet available.
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