You Tube As A Learning Tool

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Barbara Fralinger
Russell Owens


You Tube, Learning, Tool, Education, Internet, Technology, Classroom, Teaching, Strategies


This paper expands upon previous research conducted on the effectiveness of implementing Microsoft MovieMaker (a digital video editing program) into the classroom.  Sixty-one graduate and twenty undergraduate students from King’s College and Rowan University took part in this study.  Using the MovieMaker software to design student created tutorials on material learned in class, participants uploaded finished movie tutorials to the Internet-based website “You Tube” with the goal of providing classmates with a distance education learning program.  With the ability to create and upload coursework using graphics and animation, new opportunities exist for teachers and trainers to expand their teaching methodologies while catering to a variety of learning styles.  The purpose of this study was to investigate student perceptions of the effectiveness of the You Tube tutorial project on their learning so that a future educational workshop to teach the basics of creating and uploading student video tutorials may be implemented.  A survey containing both quantitative and qualitative components was administered at the completion of the You Tube project to assess student perceptions of this teaching strategy. Quantitative analysis involved the use of frequencies and descriptive statistics, while qualitative analysis consisted of grouping open-ended responses into the following themes:  1. Application of You Tube; 2. Major Strengths of the You Tube Project in the Learning Process; 3. Instructor Effectiveness in the Learning Process; and 4. Suggestions for Improvement to Enhance Learning.   Results showed that the You Tube tutorial methodology had a significant positive effect on perceived student learning.


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