The Impact Of Unethical Reasoning On Different Types Of Academic Dishonesty: An Exploratory Study

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Jacqueline K. Eastman
Rajesh Iyer
Timothy H. Reisenwitz


Academic Dishonesty, Unethical Reasoning, Cheating, Plagiarism, E-Cheating, Seeking Outside Help


This paper offers support that those students who felt they had stronger reasons for committing unethical academic behaviors are more likely to report committing academic dishonesty than those who felt they had weaker reasons for unethical academic behaviors.  This relationship held for all four categories of academic dishonesty:  cheating (on tests), seeking outside help, plagiarism (on papers), and E-cheating (electronic cheating on tests).  This suggests that students are rationalizing their academic dishonest behaviors and those students who feel they have stronger reasons for committing academic dishonesty are more likely to be academically dishonest. 


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