An Investigation Of GEPT Test Anxiety For Medical University Students In Taiwan

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Ya-huei Wang
Ching-Ju Lai
Hung-Chang Liao


General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), Test anxiety, Cognitive Anxiety, Emotional Anxiety, Affective Anxiety


This study examines whether or not different medical university students experience different levels of anxiety in taking the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), and whether or not there are differences in GEPT test anxiety levels among medical university students with different genders and from different departments. This study uses a GEPT test anxiety scale (GEPT-TAS) to explore the GEPT test anxiety levels of the students. The final questionnaire included 36 questions, covering the cognitive, emotional, and affective dimensions of test anxiety. Several conclusions can be made from the findings of this study. First, medical university students experience certain levels of GEPT test anxiety. Second, females experience more emotional anxiety than males. Third, nursing students experience more cognitive anxiety than students from other departments.


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