Interdisciplinary Team-Teaching Experience For A Computer And Nuclear Energy Course For Electrical And Computer Engineering Students

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Charles Kim
Deborah Jackson
Peter Keiller


Computer Engineering, Nuclear Plant, Interdisciplinary, Team-Teaching


A new, interdisciplinary, team-taught course has been designed to educate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) so that they can respond to global and urgent issues concerning computer control systems in nuclear power plants. This paper discusses our experience and assessment of the interdisciplinary computer and nuclear energy course, which was developed and offered primarily to ECE students at Howard University.  A unique team-teaching model utilized with ECE professors and nuclear field experts was applied to teach the two diverse subjects: computer safety and nuclear energy.  The survey result from the first offering of the course showed a very positive response from the majority of the students about the team-teaching method and the knowledge acquired on the two subjects.


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