An Analysis Of Women Educators In Higher Education And Their Perceptions Of The Use Of Technology In Improving Teacher Effectiveness: A Study In Instructional Technology

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Russell Owens
Barbara Fralinger



An understanding of the relationships among the integration of computer technology by women educators in higher education and effective teaching could have a significant impact on education. Pennsylvania Universities and Colleges have made their commitment to educational technology and provided support for the implementation of such technology. Currently, we have little empirical evidence to show that the use of computer technology by women educators actually does improve learning. Incumbent upon this commitment to educational technology, women educators have a right to ask if their investment of time and effort in learning how to use and implement the technology will produce significant benefits for their students. This research developed a survey instrument to rank statements and gain an understanding of the perceptions of women in higher education concerning the integration of computer technology and teacher effectiveness. The methods used to develop the instrument involved the analysis of relevant research, construction of appropriate items, identification of the population sample, validity and reliability, and pilot testing. The population under study was limited to two Colleges and one University in Northeastern Pennsylvania during the spring and fall semesters of 2007. The results indicated that the women surveyed felt teacher effectiveness is most strongly associated with the availability of technology tools to collect data for the purposes of instructional planning.  Conversely, participants felt that teacher effectiveness was not strongly associated with lesson sequences that integrate technology resources, implementation of procedures consistent with school policies that protect the privacy of electronic student data, and demonstration of ethical behaviors regarding the use of technology.


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