The Effects Of Unannounced Quizzes On Student Performance: Further Evidence

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Felix U. Kamuche



This study explores the impact of unannounced quizzes on students performance on Quantitative Analysis examinations by comparing course sections with unannounced quizzes to sections with announced quizzes. The difference in academic performance between students with unannounced quizzes and students with announced quizzes was examined in this study. Test scores for the first and second semesters were compared between the students with unannounced quizzes and students with announced quizzes. A significant difference was found in academic performance between the group with unannounced quizzes and group with announced quizzes. The group with unannounced quizzes showed better performance than the control group with announced quizzes. Therefore, this study demonstrates that an unannounced quiz is more effective than announced quiz in Quantitative Analysis Performance.


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