A Cross-Cultural Comparison Analysis Of Customer Attitudes Toward Mobile Phone Services In The U.S. And Korea

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Yoon C. Cho


M-Commerce, M-Satisfaction, Mobile Mediated Communication, Basic Services, Value-Added Services, M-commerce CRM


Mobile Commerce (m-commerce), as a medium, plays an important role in everyday human life by setting up a hyper media environment that provides a higher level of interactive services. Due to various reasons, including service availability and, personal needs, customers’ attitudes and level of satisfaction concerning the mobile phone service are diverse. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate factors that affect customer satisfaction with the mobile phone services. In particular, this study measured customer attitudes toward the basic services vs. value-added services. For the attitudes toward the basic services, this study explored the effects of perception on i) the use of various functions; ii) convenience; iii) ease of connection; and iv) the entertainment factor with basic services, in relation to m-satisfaction. For the attitudes toward the value-added services, this study measured i) customers’ expectations and satisfaction in relation to their future usage in the U.S. market and ii) customers’ satisfaction with the current usage of such functions in the Korean market. Surveys were conducted in both countries and the results revealed the different attitudes affecting mobile phone usage in the U.S. vs. Korea. This study also found that user attitudes toward the mobile phone business significantly impact the level of m-satisfaction. This study then identifies some managerial implications and offers suggestions to m-businesses.


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