Creating The Knowledge Based Organization Through Learning Implementation Framework:

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Vlado Dimovski
Sandra Penger



As we enter the first decade in the twenty-first century, contemporary management thinking is being profoundly reshaped by two new convictions: managing organizational knowledge effectively is essential to achieving competitive success; and managing knowledge is now a central concern and must become a basic skill of a modern manager. In the paper we would like to present the impact of the increased interconnectivity of people and organization, and to perform the new organizational paradigm that provides a modern knowledge construction of the 21st century organization. Therefore, the paper focuses on the process of attaining a knowledge organization, and enlightens different theoretical architectures of the 21st century organization. Modern forms of organizational structures range from horizontal, process and team structures to virtual networks. The purpose of paper is to show signs of the Knowledge Based Organization in the Knowledge Based Economy, and to extent the creation of Learning Organization through Learning Implementation Framework from Slovenian economy perspective. The Slovenian Institute for Learning Enterprises today plays the leading role in the knowledge society, linking and distributing learning practices among Slovenian enterprises. On May 1, 2004, Slovenia has become a full member of the EU, and consequently, the role of Institute will become even more important in the implementation of learning organization culture in Slovenian economy.


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