Published: 2014-04-28


Islamic And Conventional Equity Indices: An Examination Of Cointegration And Hedging

Robert J. Boldin, Mukesh Chaudhry, Ibrahim Affaneh
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 160 | DOI

Page 443-452

The Impact Of Price Changes On Demand Among Poor Households In A South African Township

Dorah Dubihlela, Tshediso J. Sekhampu
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 3343 | DOI

Page 463-474

Hedge Fund Performance Evaluation Using The Sharpe And Omega Ratios

Francois van Dyk, Gary van Vuuren, Andre Heymans
Abstract 226 | PDF Downloads 182 | DOI

Page 485-512

The Inception Of Ethical Banking: An Imperative Transformation In Post-Revolution Egypt

Nirmala Dorasamy, Monal A. Abdel-Baki
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 291 | DOI

Page 513-524

Strategic Marketing Insights For Small Business Meat Retailers

A. C. Groenewald, J. J. Prinsloo, T. G. Pelser
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 1075 | DOI

Page 525-538

Exploring The Incidents Of Strikes In Post-Apartheid South Africa

Genius Murwirapachena, Kin Sibanda
Abstract 567 | PDF Downloads 6890 | DOI

Page 553-560

Estimating Namibias Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate

Joel Hinaunye Eita, Moses Muse Sichei
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 127 | DOI

Page 561-572

Impacts Of The 2008 Financial Crisis On South American Equity Markets

Jae-Kwang Hwang, Young Dimkpah, Alex I. Ogwu
Abstract 150 | PDF Downloads 158 | DOI

Page 573-580

Commercial Practices In The Ancient Indian Peninsula: Glimpses From Kautilyas Arthashastra

Monsurur Rahman, Framarz Byramjee, Reza Karim
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 1055 | DOI

Page 653-658

Looking For The Fundamentals Of Post-Crisis Economics

Jan Komorowski
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 134 | DOI

Page 671-678