A New Look At Management Accounting

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Mohammad Talha
John B. Raja
A. Seetharaman


Management accounting, Standard Costing Activity based costing, Balanced Scorecard, Information Technology


This paper presents a comparison of the traditional management accounting with the new approach of management accounting with the use of latest information technology and manufacturing technologies.  The information and data of the research were gathered from various sources of secondary data. Many online articles and journals were available through these search engines such as Google, Infoseek, Lycos, Excites and Altavista. These articles were downloaded from Internet Websites including IFAC library, CPA online newsletters, Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), Technical Bulletin and Institute of Commercial and Financial Accountants.  The modern techniques used in Management Accounting are discussed. TQM (Total Quality Management), ABC (Activity Based Costing) and BSC (Balanced score card) are some of the tools that are introduced in management accounting to keep up with the latest technology.  This research highlights the emergence of new, more proactive management accounting that increasingly becomes part of the management team with the business process. The future roles and expectations of these accountants in the competitive global economy are discussed.


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