Adolescent Response To Anti-Drug P:ublic Service Announcements: A Segmentation Approach

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Denise D. Schoenbachler
Douglas J. Ayers
Geoffrey L. Gordon


anti-drug PSA, public service announcements, adolescents


The research reported in this article focuses on segmenting the adolescent audience for anti-drug PSAs according to propensity for drug use and reaction to anti-drug PSAs. Four dimensions of the personality trait sensation seeking are utilized to differentiate adolescents with regard to actual use and intentions to use drugs as well as reactions to anti-drug PSAs. The results of the research indicate that one dimension in particular, disinhibitionism, is positively linked to both use and intention to use drugs. Additionally, adolescents with higher levers of disinhibitionism tend to react more negatively to anti-drug PSAs.


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