Published: 1996-04-01


Adolescent Response To Anti-Drug P:ublic Service Announcements: A Segmentation Approach

Denise D. Schoenbachler, Douglas J. Ayers, Geoffrey L. Gordon
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 103 | DOI

Page 9-21

Accounting For Convertible Bonds: An Alternative Approach

Joseph C. Rue, William T. Stevens, Ara Volkan
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 75 | DOI

Page 41-45

The Puzzling Effect Of Money Shocks On Interest Rates

Panita Piya-Oui, O. Felix Ayadi, Walter J. Mayer
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 58 | DOI

Page 46-57

A Comment On The Accountability Of The Accounting Profession

Gary G. Kleinman, Gail E. Farrelly
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 70 | DOI

Page 75-82

Stability Of Excellence: Revealed Patterns In Tobins q-Ratios

Manuel L. Jose, Carol Lancaster, Jerry L. Stevens
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 111 | DOI

Page 83-91