An Internal Marketing Perspective Within A Recruitment Service Environment In South Africa

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Mornay Roberts-Lombard
Candice Burin
HB Klopper


Internal Marketing, Brand Image, Recruitment Agency Group, Client


The primary objective of the study is to determine the influence of internal marketing on the brand image of a recruitment agency brand in South Africa. The perusal of the literature could not identify any direct studies on how the elements of the internal marketing mix of product, price, promotion, distribution, people, processes and physical evidence are ultimately linked to brand image within a recruitment agency environment in South Africa. This raises the question as to whether or not internal marketing has a positive influence on the brand image of recruitment agencies among their clients. Therefore the relationship between internal marketing and brand image needs to be explored, as this relationship could provide a means of reducing employee turnover and enhancing the performance and profitability of recruitment agencies. The population for the study was drawn from all registered recruitment agencies listed under the Association of Personnel Services Organisations (APSO). The selected sample of respondents was surveyed through an online self-administered survey distributed via a link in an email. A total of 1 123 questionnaires were completed. The data was analysed using multivariate regression statistics. The application of an internal marketing approach enables recruitment agencies to minimise employee turnover, aiding these agencies to gain strong brand images that result in higher levels of competitiveness and profitability. Successful internal marketing should have a positive influence on employee attitudes and actions and therefore enhance customer satisfaction. The integration of internal marketing into the organisation’s overall marketing strategy is therefore critical.


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