Training And Development In SMEs: South Africa’s Key To Survival And Success?

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Claudette Rabie
Michael C. Cant
Johannes A. Wiid


Training and Development, Skills, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, South Africa


In today’s competitive business environment, the capabilities and skills of employees are fundamental requirements for continuous productivity, innovation and success in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, the situation of SMEs with regards to training and development is characterised by a paradox and are considered to be crucial elements of competitiveness and success against the backdrop of globalisation. Previous studies have found that constant training and development initiatives are less likely to be available to employees working in SMEs than to those in larger organisations. The study therefore aims to determine the perception of entrepreneurs or SME owners towards the importance of training and development in their business. A self-administered questionnaire was sent to SME owners and a total of 60 usable responses were received. The study showed, amongst others, that a lack of resources is stronger than the influence of business management and external assistance. 


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