Published: 2015-03-03


The Influence Of CEO Departure And Board Characteristics On Firm Performance

Lanouar Charfeddine, Mohamed Arouri, Frederic Teulon
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Page 345-356

The Impact Of Financial Crisis On Islamic And Conventional Indices Of The GCC Countries

Hela Miniaoui, Hameedah Sayani, Anissa Chaibi
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Page 357-370

Institutional Environments And The Internationalization Of Franchise Chains: The Contrasting Cases Of Three North African Countries

E. Hachemi Aliouche, Dominique Bonet Fernandez, Odile Chanut, Nadjoua Gharbi
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Page 417-436

A Strategic E-Marketing Framework For Sport Mega-Events

Paul S. Radikonyana, Ernie Heath, Felicite Fairer-Wessels, J.J. Prinsloo, Theuns G. Pelser
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Page 437-454

Mismanaging Unethical Behaviour In The Workplace

Prakash Singh, Thembinkosi Twalo
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Page 515-530

Optimal Allocation Of Training Resources

Nasreddine Saadouli
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Page 531-538

A Retrospective Look at the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002- Has it accomplished its original purpose?

Anthony Basile, Sheila Handy, Felisha N. Fret
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Page 585-592

Executive Compensation And Ownership Structure

Rim Ben Hassen, Jihene El Ouakdi, Abdelwahed Omri
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Page 593-608

Signaling Firm Performance Through Corporate Voluntary Disclosure

Amal Hamrouni, Anthony Miloudi, Ramzi Benkraiem
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Page 609-620

Product Strategy: Factors That Influence Product Strategy Decisions Of SMEs In South Africa

Michael C. Cant, Johannes A. Wiid, Safura Mohamed Kallier
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Page 621-630

Family Control And The Value Of Cash Holdings

Sabri Boubaker, Imen Derouiche, Majdi Hassen
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Page 647-660

The Role Of Board Characteristics In Mitigating Management Opportunism: The Case Of Real Earnings Management

Dorra Talbi, Mohamed Ali Omri, Khaled Guesmi, Zied Ftiti
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Page 661-674

Organizational Agility

Abe Harraf, Isaac Wanasika, Kaylynn Tate, Kaitlyn Talbott
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Page 675-686

Seasonality In Mutual Fund Flows

Hyung-Suk Choi
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Page 715-726

Accounting Conservatism, Changes In Real Investment, And Analysts Earnings Forecasts

Kyong Soo Choi, Se Joong Lee, Soo Yeon Park, Yong Keun Yoo
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Page 727-742