Published: 2003-07-01


The R&D Tax Credit And Its Implications For Small Business

Spence L. Wise, Morgan P. Miles
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 197 | DOI

Effect Of Legal Counsel Activity On The Cost Of Municipal Bond Offerings

Peyton Foster Roden, Stephen L. Poe, Mike Braswell
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 97 | DOI

Valuation Ratios As Stock Market Predictors

Hassan Shirvani, Barry Wilbratte
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 108 | DOI

Evidence Of Social Desirability Response Bias In Ethics Research: An International Study

Richard A. Bernardi, Erin L. Delorey, Catherine C. LaCross, Rebecca A. Waite
Abstract 210 | PDF Downloads 1353 | DOI

A Note On Earnings Forecast Source Superiority

Donald P. Pagach, Barbara A. Chaney, Bruce C. Branson
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 23 | DOI

Century Bonds: Debt Or Equity Securities?

Kam C. Chan, P.V. Viswanath, Annie Wong
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 324 | DOI