Published: 1997-10-01


Linking Issue Labels And Managerial Actions: A Study Of Participation In Crisis Vs. Opportunity Issues

Donde P. Ashmos, Dennis Duchon, Wayne D. Bodensteiner
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 96 | DOI

Page 31-46

Market Anomalies Revisited

Amitava Chatterjee, Balasundram Maniam
Abstract 565 | PDF Downloads 432 | DOI

Page 47-56

Why Are Partners And Managers Leaving The Big Six?

H. Lon Addams, Brian Davis, Ronald M. Mano, Vicki Nycum
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 168 | DOI

Page 75-82

The Markets Reaction To The FASB Stock-Based Compensation Project

Gary R. Freeman, Glen A. Larsen, Jr.
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 225 | DOI

Page 83-92

The Income Tax Accounting Controversy: A Matter Of Perspective

Joseph C. Rue, Ara G. Volkan
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 198 | DOI

Page 107-118

A Stochastic Present Value Model In Selecting Risk Management Processes

Theodore P. Artikis, Aggeliki P. Voudouri, John I. Moshakis
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 195 | DOI

Page 199-125