Published: 1992-01-01


A Valuation Model For Covenants Not To Compete

Darlene A. Smith, Patrick A. Hennessee, Clifford E. Hutton
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 181 | DOI

Page 1-12

An Evaluation Of Agency Theory Influence In Pension Accounting

Gerald H. Lander, Alan Reinstein, Augustin K. Fosu
Abstract 175 | PDF Downloads 99 | DOI

Page 13-16

Additions To The NASDAQ National Market System: An Analysis Of Stock Returns and Trading Volume

Daniel P. Klein, Glenn Wolfe, Linda E. Bowyer
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 176 | DOI

Page 17-28

The Structure Of Graduate Tax Programs: Broad-Based Or Concentration In Tax?

Paul Erickson, Danny Hollingsworth
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 117 | DOI

Page 29-37

The Value Of International Equity Diversification: An Empirical Test

Larry J. Johnson, Carl H. Walther
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 171 | DOI

Page 38-44

Objectivity: A Redundant Dimension Of The Management Accountants Code Of Ethics

Richard E. Coppage, Sidney Baxendale
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 140 | DOI

Page 45-51

Firm Size Profiles And Regional Volatility: Is There A Connection:

J. Barry Gilmore, Robert Dean, Peter Wright
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 198 | DOI

Page 52-63

Risk Reduction Possibilities From Diversification Of Real Estate Portfolios

Hans R. Isakson, Thomas H. McInish
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 144 | DOI

Page 72-77

An Assessment Of Event Study Methodologies Using Daily Stock Returns

Zabihollah Rezaee, Phil Malone, Ghassem Homaifar
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 168 | DOI

Page 78-82

Identifying Determinants Of Stock Type Choice Of The Mature Consumer

James R. Lumpkin, John J. Burnett
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 124 | DOI

Page 89-102

Validity And Cost/Benefit Analysis Of A Rating System Used For Promotion

Steven D. Norton, Joseph L. Balloun, E. James Dunne, H. Edward Thornton
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 203 | DOI

Page 103-109

Sales Managers Perceptions Of The Appropriate Response To Unethical Sales Force Behavior

James B. DeConinck, Paul C. Thistlethwaite
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 108 | DOI

Page 118-123

Regulation And Economic Interests

Bhaskar Jyoti Das, William F. Shughart II
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 183 | DOI

Page 135-137

Legal Insights To International Business In Spain

Ann Williams-Gascon
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 205 | DOI

Page 138-138