Published: 2012-08-21


Appearance Discrimination, Lookism And Lookphobia In The Workplace

Frank J. Cavico, Stephen C. Muffler, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba
Abstract 8505 | PDF Downloads 8592 | DOI

Page 791-802

Resilient Market Timing Strategies For Global Equities

Heng-Hsing Hsieh, Kathleen Hodnett, Paul van Rensburg
Abstract 405 | PDF Downloads 205 | DOI

Page 803-814

Cultural Factors, Economic Affiliations And The Adoption Of International Financial Reporting Standards

Presha E. Neidermeyer, Jack Dorminey, Alan J. Wilson
Abstract 310 | PDF Downloads 325 | DOI

Page 815-824

Towards Formulating An Accounting Theory Of Meaningfulness

S. Wedzerai Musvoto, Daan G. Gouws
Abstract 211 | PDF Downloads 226 | DOI

Page 825-836

Market Orientation, Firm Performance And The Mediating Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Roshayani Arshad, Siti Mariam Mansor, Rohana Othman
Abstract 842 | PDF Downloads 887 | DOI

Page 851-860

Tax Challenges For Electronic-Commerce Activities

Hang Nguyen, Meredith DeCenzo, Meyer Drucker
Abstract 405 | PDF Downloads 432 | DOI

Page 861-870

Mavenness And Salespeople Success: An Empirical Investigation

Dale T. Eesley, Phani Tej Adidam
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 265 | DOI

Page 903-912

Supply Chain Resilience: Definition Of Concept And Its Formative Elements

Stavros T. Ponis, Epaminondas Koronis
Abstract 4603 | PDF Downloads 2822 | DOI

Page 921-930

Islamic Banking And Economic Growth: A Review

Ahmed El-Galfy, Khiyar Abdalla Khiyar
Abstract 3610 | PDF Downloads 3319 | DOI

Page 943-956

Corporate Culture Dimensions Associated With Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Study

Nabeel Sawalha, Michel Zaitouni, Adil ElSharif
Abstract 343 | PDF Downloads 415 | DOI

Page 957-976

The First Amendment And The Ministerial Exemption: Federal Statutory Mandates

Georgia L. Holmes, Penny Herickhoff
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 222 | DOI

Page 989-994

Leader Personality Characteristics And Upward Trust: A Study Of Employee-Supervisor Dyads In China

Han Ping, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, David A. Whetten, Yan Wei
Abstract 703 | PDF Downloads 1204 | DOI

Page 1001-1016

Revisiting The Certifying Role Of Financial Intermediaries On IPOs

Kyojik Song, Young-Soo Choi, Jong Eun Lee
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 229 | DOI

Page 1017-1034

Corporate Social Responsibility Among Saudi Arabian Firms: An Empirical Investigation

Saud Mandurah, Jamal Khatib, Saleh Al-Sabaan
Abstract 941 | PDF Downloads 792 | DOI

Page 1049-1058

Do Reconciliations Of Segment Earnings Affect Stock Prices?

Dana Hollie, Shaokun Carol Yu
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 209 | DOI

Page 1085-1106