Published: 2015-09-01


Are Hedge Funds Uncorrelated With Financial Markets? An Empirical Assessment

Khaled Guesmi, Saoussen Jebri, Abdelkarim Jabri, Frederic Teulon
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 170 | DOI

Page 1631-1636

Cost Of Debt And Dividend Policy: Evidence From The MENA Region

Omar Farooq, Imad Jabbouri
Abstract 344 | PDF Downloads 261 | DOI

Page 1637-1644

IPO Waves: How Market Performances Influence The Market Timing Of IPO?

Firas Batnini, Moez Hammami
Abstract 306 | PDF Downloads 1365 | DOI

Page 1679-1692

Virtual R&D Project Teams: From E-Leadership To Performance

Dominique Bonet Bonet Fernandez, Nabila Jawadi
Abstract 722 | PDF Downloads 747 | DOI

Page 1693-1708

Does Crime Influence The Payment Decisions Of Consumers?

Bruno Karoubi, Regis Chenavaz
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 220 | DOI

Page 1709-1718

Long-Run Retail Interest Rate Pass-Through In The Euro Area: The Effect Of The Financial Crisis

Manel Mansour, David Heller, Moez Labidi, Amine Lahiani
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 158 | DOI

Page 147-1756

The Management Side Of Talent: Causal Implications For The Retention Of Generation Y Employees

Liesel Du Plessis, Nicolene Barkhuizen, Karel Stanz, Nico Schutte
Abstract 865 | PDF Downloads 1067 | DOI

Page 1767-1780

Strategic Asset Allocation Of Credit Guarantors

Dong-Woo Rhee, Hyoung-Goo Kang, Soo-Hyun Kim
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 245 | DOI

Page 1823-1834

The Differential Choice Of Chaebol In Earnings Management

Youngeun Hong, Taewoo Kim, Jongkook Park
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 237 | DOI

Page 1909-1926

Commonality In Liquidity: Lessons From An Emerging Stock Market

Kais Tissaoui, Zied Ftiti, Chaker Aloui
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 160 | DOI

Page 1927-1952

The Effect Of Social Pressures On CEO Compensation

Gregory L. Nagel, Denise M. Leggett
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 138 | DOI

Page 1953-1974

Motives Behind The Integration Of CSR Into Business Strategy: A Comparative Study In French SMEs

Linh-Chi Vo, Karen Delchet-Cochet, Hakim Akeb
Abstract 470 | PDF Downloads 621 | DOI

Page 1975-1986

The Role Of LMX In Employees Job Motivation, Satisfaction, Empowerment, Stress And Turnover: Cross Country Analysis

Maria Malik, Difang Wan, Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Akram Naseem, Ramiz ur Rehman
Abstract 1436 | PDF Downloads 2950 | DOI

Page 1897-2000