Published: 2015-10-28


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy And Brand Value

Omar Farooq, Samir Aguenaou, Mohamed Amine Amor
Abstract 378 | PDF Downloads 287 | DOI

Page 2013-2024

Determinants Of Consumer Decision Making Of A Common Ticketing System In Bangkok’s Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Systems

Peerakan Kaewwongwattana, Thepparat Phimolsathien, Paitoon Pimdee
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 2205 | DOI

Page 2025-2038

The Effect Of Directors And Officers Liability Insurance On Audit Effort

Sohee Woo, Chang Seop Rhee, Sanghee Woo
Abstract 250 | PDF Downloads 494 | DOI

Page 2039-2046

The Use Of Ohlson's O-Score For Bankruptcy Prediction In Thailand

Judy Ramage Lawrence, Surapol Pongsatat, Howard Lawrence
Abstract 970 | PDF Downloads 5410 | DOI

Page 2069-2078

The Tunisian Tourism Business: What We Learn About The European Demand?

Jlassi Kamel, Zied Ftiti, Hasna Chaibi
Abstract 210 | PDF Downloads 572 | DOI

Page 2079-2090

Determinants Of Savings In The SADC Region: The Role Of Foreign Capital And Financial Development

Forget Mingiri Kapingura, Sylvanus Ikhide, Asrat Tsegaye
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 511 | DOI

Page 2107-2122

How People Disclose Themselves Differently According To The Strength Of Relationship In SNS?

Bitna Kim, Kyung-Shik Shin, Sangmi Chai
Abstract 296 | PDF Downloads 2342 | DOI

Page 2139-2146

Earnings Persistence Over The Macroeconomic Cycle: Evidence From Korea

Sorah Park, Heejeong Shin
Abstract 221 | PDF Downloads 484 | DOI

Page 2147-2166

Is CSR Really Profitable? Evidence From Korea

Eunho Cho, Hayeon Park
Abstract 538 | PDF Downloads 540 | DOI

Page 2167-2186

Does Public Debt Matter For Economic Growth?: Evidence From South Africa

Yosra Baaziz, Khaled Guesmi, David Heller, Amine Lahiani
Abstract 625 | PDF Downloads 1929 | DOI

Page 2187-2196

Does Growing Economy And Better Governance Impede Banking Efficiency? A DEA Analysis

Ramiz Ur Rehman, Junrui Zhang, Rizwan Ali, Abdul Qadeer
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 214 | DOI

Page 2213-2224

A Production Planning Model For Reconfigurable Lines

Kingsley Gnanendran, Manohar Madan
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 151 | DOI

Page 2269-2282

The Labor Force Participation Rate: A Rexamination Of The Determinants Of Its Decline

Patrick J. Litzinger, John H. Dunn
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 1044 | DOI

Page 2283-2296