Case Study Of Employee Turnover At Ice Cream Deli In Mexico

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Lorena Hernandez von Wobeser
Graciela Ramirez Escamilla
Irmgard von Wobeser


Employee Turnover, Employee Retention, Productivity, Desirable Turnover, Avoidable Turnover


This case study focuses on a Mexican franchise - Ice Cream Deli - and its interest to reduce voluntary-avoidable turnover in order to lower costs and increase productivity. High turnover is a common problem in many organizations in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The ten Ice Cream Deli stores studied in this case present a high voluntary turnover, even when the job conditions in the organization are better than the market. Arturo Mendoza, Director of Operations, is interested in analyzing the root causes of the problem and providing an action plan to reduce turnover of line workers. Some of the reasons for turnover and retention are stated from the perspective of the workers.


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