Wireless: Will Wi-Fi Replace Cell Phones?

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Chris Rose



Wireless cellular telephones are extremely popular, especially now that they incorporate text messaging and picture capabilities. At the same time the speeds of cellular networks keep increasing with the establishment of 3G networks and the recent announcement of soon to be deployed 4G networks which will have speeds up to 1.5 megabits per second. However, advancements in established 802.11 Wi-Fi mesh networking technology could overtake the cellular phone system by providing a more efficient and cheaper network while  providing a faster, more flexible, more reliable and more useful network. Perhaps the idea of a Wi-Fi portable SIP phone, using VoIP, which is connected to the regular Internet at speeds up to 6 megabits per second and which can be used anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi network might be  more appealing to the consumer.


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