Published: 2009-01-01


Bundling And Small Business Operations

Jess Boronico, James Murdy, Selene Loughlin
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 112 | DOI

The Social Network Generation And Implications For Human Resource Managers

Connie Browning Budden, Michael Craig Budden
Abstract 422 | PDF Downloads 526 | DOI

Exploring Accounting Fraud In The Subsidiary Environment

Carmelita Troy, Madeline Ann Domino, Steven P. Landry
Abstract 197 | PDF Downloads 192 | DOI

Death Taxes In The United States: A Brief History

Eddie Metrejean, Cheryl Metrejean
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 594 | DOI

Min And Max Uniform Extreme Interval Values And Statistics

Marsha Jance, Nick Thomopoulos
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 1531 | DOI

The Credit Crunch: The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

Peggy Crawford, Terry Young
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 168 | DOI