The Social Network Generation And Implications For Human Resource Managers

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Connie Browning Budden
Michael Craig Budden


Human resources, social networks, management


Tens of millions use social networks on a regular basis.  Social networks encourage the sharing of information, photos, videos, accomplishments, and experiences via the internet.  Their wide-spread and increasing usage especially among young people has been well-documented.  Individuals who have started such networks have become wealthy as sites have gone public.  Businesses are increasingly becoming involved in the networks as they realize the large following that the networks have generated and the fact that such networks can be sources of useful information on which to base decisions.  Social networks and individual members who utilize such networks are becoming increasingly aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to such usage. Network users need to be aware that postings on these networks are being scrutinized in ways those posting the information had not imagined when they signed on.  Firms increasingly are investigating applicant users through the networks. Indeed, human resource managers have more tools and investigation avenues at their disposal now than ever before.


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