A Preliminary Survey Of The Preferred Learning Methods For Interpretation Students

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Michael Heinz


Confidence, Language Learning Tasks, Teaching Methods, ESL, EFL


There are many different methods that individuals use to learn languages like reading books or writing essays.  Not all methods are equally successful for second language learners but nor do all successful learners of a second language show identical preferences for learning methods.  Additionally, at the highest level of language learning various areas of linguistic confidence may develop that distinguish learners of a second language as being, in terms of language proficiency, essentially equal but specifically different.  This research sought to find out whether the specific learning tasks that individuals feel were most responsible for their linguistic growth show any correlation with their confidence in specific areas of language use.  To answer this question, highly successful second language learners were asked to rank their confidence in various areas of language use and rate the significance of various learning methods that they utilized to achieve their current level of second language fluency.  These highly successful second language learners were then surveyed from a South Korean interpretation and translation graduate school.  As individuals who have already been vetted on the basis of their mastery of English, they provide a rare glimpse into the final product of both EFL and ESL programs.


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