Promoting Digital Change In Higher Education: Evaluating The Curriculum Digitalisation

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Yelkin Diker Coskun


Digital University, Curriculum Evaluation, Technology Integration


Technology, which forms part of all educational settings and curricula, is becoming an integral part of higher education too. Therefore, observations and interpretations from inside such settings are needed for a more realistic understanding. This study evaluates the information packages of the undergraduate programs of a university within the framework of a digital university, using program evaluation and document review of written curricula. The Educational Connoisseurship and Criticism Model was used for curriculum evaluation. The information packages of the undergraduate programs were generally found to reflect specific intentions concerning technology integration. However, these intentions have not yet become manifest in the learning outcomes of the programs. Thus, this study shows that, although technology has entered into all fields and programs, at least regarding learning outcomes, it has not found inadequate reciprocity within the processes of teaching and learning.


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